Peaceful hilltop living

Vigla is a quiet hilltop village in northeastern Corfu. It’s a secluded spot that’s surrounded by dense pine forests and the towering Mount Pantokrator in the background. It’s a rural escape that’s connected at the hip to the village of Kalami on the coast, where there are rustic little tavernas and friendly beach bars. And cosmopolitan capital, Corfu Town, is just a 45-minute drive away.

Pebble beaches

Vigla has 2 pebble beaches within 10 minutes’ drive. The closest is Kalami Beach, a lively Blue Flag number in a sheltered bay that comes with calm, shallow waters plus sunloungers, umbrellas and a couple of beach bars. There’s also Koulouri Beach, Kalami’s quiet next-door neighbour – it’s set to one side of a colourful harbour where fishing boats come in and out with the day’s catch. Scuba diving, parasailing and water-skiing are on offer at the sand-and-shingle Ipsos Beach, 30 minutes’ drive away.

Daytrips to Corfu Town

A 45-minute drive takes you to Corfu Town, where the architecture is a mix of European influences. There’s a Venetian fortress to the west of the town with panoramic sea views from the very top. Over on the east side is the older part – there’s the towering bell tower of the 16th-century Church of St Spyridon, and just next door a French-style colonnade called the Liston. There’s a bit of Britain here, too – cricket is still played at the wide open space of the Esplanade.

Corfu town – the island’s capital, is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Greece and is now part of the UNESCO’s world heritage as a unique architectural monument. 

The town is divided in the old and the new town and is the island’s administrative and commercial centre. Getting acquainted with the Old town is truly a unique experience that unravels many pleasant surprises. The traditional alleyways (kantounia) will lead and let you stroll through the old neighborhoods bringing to life for your eyes only, aspects of the island’s remarkable history. The widely known washing lines that are spread along face each other in picturesque alleys that feel like a maze and is yet another part of the Corfiot everyday life. 

In the actual town, one comes across the two imposing fortresses; the Old and the new, Liston, as well as the patron saint of Corfu, Agios Spyridon church. On the outskirts of the town  one may find exceptional sites, a few among which are Achillion (the summer palace of Queen Elizabeth), Mon Repos and the famous Mouse island, the most famous attraction of the area Kanoni where one can also find the church of Vlahernes. 

Last but not least, while visiting Corfu one must certainly try the Corfiot cuisine and especially the dishes “pastitsada”, “sofrito” and “bourdeto”.

The accommodation in Corfu has something special to offer to every guest, it has both intense and relaxed pace of living. The commercial traffic, the idyllic beaches, beautiful sightings and numerous picturesque villages will definitely charm you! As for the very warm and welcoming Corfiots that talk with their typical singing pronunciation, they will pass on to you their joy and liveliness for sure. 

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